Car Hire | Rental in Windhoek Namibia

The wonderfully unspoilt and magical country of Namibia, on the West Coast of Africa with an Atlantic Ocean coastline, offers a chance to experience two sides of Africa: the glorious sun-soaked beach holiday and the wild and wonderful untouched territory of the Kalahari and Namib Deserts that lie within the country. Thanks to the popularity of self-drive safari packages in Namibia there is a choice of car rental companies who will provide you with a perfectly suitable 4×4 vehicle with which you can tackle even the most arduous of terrain, and many are available from the capital, Windhoek.

For exploring the wilds of Namibia you need a vehicle that is tough and reliable, and one that is more than capable of getting around. The hire companies know what you need, and will happily advise you on the best choice for your plans. Whether you are planning to tackle a desert trip – perhaps to see some of the world’s largest sand dunes that lie in the Namib Desert – or wish to take a safari in the glorious Kaokoland Region to the north, close to the amazing Etosha National Park, they can cater for you, and will help you with all your requirements.

Touring Namibia by hire car is an excellent way of getting to see the more impressive aspects of this stunning country in your own time, and you may wish to build in a trip to the capital – Windhoek – within your itinerary. Take care to ensure you have all the information you need on travel in Namibia – there is plenty of information on the website – and that you have plentiful supplies, and you will enjoy an adventure that will stay with you for a lifetime. Namibia is simply crying out to be explored, so check out the 4×4 car hire providers in Windhoek and see how they can help you.